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Australan cave art and Laelia gouldiana, a beautiful species orchid from Mexico

My thanks to author Mark Roeder who wrote this introduction to my new eBookThe Orchid Teacher.

The Disciple 

The Orchid is no ordinary flower.It has inspired people for thousands of years
to appreciate beauty, contemplate nature, expresslove, show compassion and seek inner truth.For those who are willing to explore its mysteries,
and learn from them, the Orchid can be a wonderful teacher. Max Fulcher has been a disciple of the Orchid for most of his life. Born in the hinterland of the Queensland rainforests, he has travelled many paths– successful adman, publisher, author, photographerand artist. But the common thread that runs throughhis life has been the Orchid. He has collected, photographed, written about, drawn and nurtured them.He has sought Orchids from the coasts of Australiato the jungles of Borneo, Burma and the Philippines. 

Max Fulcher knows Orchids.

Mark Roeder

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