Sarcochilus Elizabeth

Sarcochilus Elizabeth 'Red Delight'
Sarcochilus Elizabeth 'Red Delight'

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Sarcochilus Lois
Pollen Parent: Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii
Genus: Sarcochilus
Hybrid Epithet: Sarco. Elizabeth
Binomial name
Sarcochilus Elizabeth
I.& E.Whitcombe Dec. 1, 1987

Sarcochilus Elizabeth is a hybrid from the genus Sarcochilus.


Plants grow in cool to intermediate conditions with moderate lighting. Pot plants in a well drain mix with open drainage such as medium fir bark with pumice or coarce perlite. Water regularly and keep the mix a bit moist but not damp. Plants will need to be watered more often during the summer as temperatures become more warm and less water as the temperatures cool in the winter. Wrinkled leaves indicate lack of watering. Plants like high humidity


Generation 1

  1. Sarcochilus Lois × Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii

Generation 2

  1. Sarcochilus Lois = Sarcochilus ceciliae × Sarcochilus hartmannii

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