Rossioglossum Nurelias

Rossioglossum Nurelias (grande x splendens) 2 flowers TL 02 s

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Rossioglossum grande
Pollen Parent: Rossioglossum splendens
Genus: Rossioglossum
Hybrid Epithet: Ross. Nurelias
Binomial name
Rossioglossum Nurelias
Orchideen Holm
Orchideen Holm 2011

Rossioglossum Nurelias is an artificial hybrid between Rossioglossum grande and Rossioglossum splendens, registered in 2011 by Orchideen Holm, Germany.


Plants bloom from fall to winter with several 14 cm wide flower.The plant produces four to eight flowers on an upright inflorescence. Sepals are chestnut brown with yellow tips and yellow spots along the margins; petals bright yellow heavily overlaid with chestnut brown; lip bright yellow with irregular burnt orange blotches centrally and at the margins; keel well defined and brilliant yellow; substance firm and heavy, texture glossy. Natural spread of flowers is approximately 9 x 10 cm.


This hybrid was made by Orchideen Holm, Germany.


Grow plants in cool to intermediate temperatures in partial shade to bright light. Water plant when mix drys. During the winter give plants should receive nearly no water at all. Water approximately once a week. Pot with medium fir bark.


Named after an abbreviation for Nuwara Eliya, a town in Sri Lanka where fine tea is grown.
Rossioglossum Nurelias (grande x splendens) 10

Rossioglossum Nurelias - different clone

Rossioglossum Nurelias (grande x splendens) 07

Rossioglossum Nurelias - different clone

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