Psychopsis Kalihi

Psychopsis Kalihi

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Psychopsis krameriana
Pollen Parent: Psychopsis papilio
Genus: Psychopsis
Hybrid Epithet: Psychp. Kalihi
Binomial name
Psychopsis Kalihi
Kihara 1945

Psychopsis Kalihi is a primary Psychopsis hybrid that blooms in the winter through summer.


Keep the plant in shade and in a well drain mix or mounted. Use potting media such as chopped sphagnum, tree fern fibers, fir bark, charcoal or perlite. Water around every 2 to 3 days. Although plant is warm growing, it can tolerate intermediate to cool temperatures. Keep humidity high during summer and well ventalated. Water regularly in spring to fall. Reduce watering in the winter and let pot dry between waterings. If over watered the plant may rot from fungus.

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