Ponthieva racemosa

Ponthieva racemosa

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Orchidoideae
Tribe: Cranichideae
SubTribe: Cranihidinae
Genus: Ponthieva
Species: Ptva. racemosa
Binomial name
Ponthieva racemosa
(Walter) C. Mohr 1901

Ponthieva racemosa is a species from the genus Ponthieva.


Plants are found growing in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas states of USA and in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Leewards, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Windwards, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil at elevations of 200 to 4000 meters


Plants bloom from spring to summer with eight to ten 1.25 cm wide flowers.


Grow under shade. Plant grows in cool to warm temperatures and should be water regularly year round and reduced after flowering. Keep potting media moist. Pot with 70% fine to medium grade perlite or clay and 30% soil or peat, or in fine bark with leaf litter.


Common Name: Racemose Ponthieva


  1. Arethusa racemosa Walter 1788
  2. Cranichis multiflora Elliott ex Nutt. 1818
  3. Epipactis pubescens Pursh 1813
  4. Listera pubescens (Pursh) Elliott 1823
  5. Neottia glandulosa Sims 1805
  6. Neottia pubera Steud. 1841
  7. Nerissa glandulosa (Sims) Raf. 1837
  8. Ponthieva costaricensis Schltr. 1923
  9. Ponthieva glandulosa (Sims) R.Br. 1813
  10. Ponthieva guatemalensis Rchb.f. 1866
  11. Ponthieva lancifolia A.Rich. 1850
  12. Ponthieva oblongifolia A.Rich. & Galeotti 1845
  13. Serapias pubescens (Pursh) Steud. 1821

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