Phalaenopsis × intermedia

Phalaenopsis intermedia

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Phalaenopsis aphrodite
Pollen Parent: Phalaenopsis equestris
Genus: Phalaenopsis
Hybrid Epithet: Phal. × intermedia
Binomial name
Phalaenopsis × intermedia
Lindl. 1852

Phalaenopsis × intermedia is a hybrid between Phalaenopsis aphrodite × Phalaenopsis equestris.


Phalaenopsis × intermedia is the first recognized Phalaenopsis hybrid. It is also known as the Star of Leyte. The plant is found only on the island of Leyte in the Philippines.

It was first described by Lindley as a species in 1853 who also supposed that it was a hybrid. The supposition was confirmed by John Seden on April 8, 1886weh he flowered a artificial hybrid of the same parentage.


Grow in cool to intermeidiate temperatures. Pot in medium fir bark and keep in partial shade. Water about once a week. Keep plant fairly moist but not wet.


Common Name: The Intermediate Phalaenopsis


  1. Phalaenopsis × brymeriana Rchb.f. 1876
  2. Phalaenopsis × delicata Rchb.f. 1882
  3. Phalaenopsis × intermedia var. porteri Rchb.f. 1863
  4. Phalaenopsis × porteri (Rchb.f.) Denning 1876
  5. Phalaenopsis × vesta H.J.Veitch 1894


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