Paphiopedilum Buena Bay

Paphiopedilum Buena Bay

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Paphiopedilum Yerba Buena
Pollen Parent: Paphiopedilum Saint Ouens Bay
Genus: Paphiopedilum
Hybrid Epithet: Paph. Buena Bay
Binomial name
Paphiopedilum Buena Bay
Curved Air Apr 16, 1992

Paphiopedilum Buena Bay is a hybrid.


Keep the plant in moderately bright light to partial shade. Plant should be grown in a cool to intermediate area with temperatures of 78° to 59°F in the summer and 64°F to 40°F in the winter. Plant is tolerant of different temperatures and prefers moss near the roots. Pot in medium fir bark and perlite. Keep humidity from 70 to 85%. The potting media should never be allowed to dry out. Plant is easy to grow


Generation 1

  1. Paphiopedilum Yerba Buena × Paphiopedilum Saint Ouens Bay

Generation 2

  1. Paphiopedilum Yerba Buena =Paphiopedilum Sanacderae × Paphiopedilum Diversion
  2. Paphiopedilum Saint Ouens Bay=Paphiopedilum Denehurst × Paphiopedilum Whitemoor

Generation 3

  1. Paphiopedilum Sanacderae=Paphiopedilum insigne × Paphiopedilum San-Actaeus
  2. Paphiopedilum Diversion=Paphiopedilum Alpha × Paphiopedilum Aussie
  3. Paphiopedilum Denehurst=Paphiopedilum Dervish × Paphiopedilum Lady Mona
  4. Paphiopedilum Whitemoor=Paphiopedilum Dervish × Paphiopedilum F. C. Puddle

Generation 4

  1. Paphiopedilum San-Actaeus=Paphiopedilum Actaeus × Paphiopedilum insigne
  2. Paphiopedilum Alpha=Paphiopedilum Grace Darling × Paphiopedilum Olive
  3. Paphiopedilum Aussie=Paphiopedilum N. Prinsep × Paphiopedilum Olive
  4. Paphiopedilum Dervish=Paphiopedilum Bordube × Paphiopedilum Grace Darling
  5. Paphiopedilum Lady Mona=Paphiopedilum Grace Darling × Paphiopedilum Symphony
  6. Paphiopedilum F. C. Puddle=Paphiopedilum Actaeus × Paphiopedilum Astarte

Generation 5

  1. Paphiopedilum Actaeus=Paphiopedilum Leeanum × Paphiopedilum insigne
  2. Paphiopedilum Grace Darling =Paphiopedilum Gwen Hannen × Paphiopedilum Phantasy
  3. Paphiopedilum Olive =Paphiopedilum Hypericum × Paphiopedilum Robin
  4. Paphiopedilum N. Prinsep=Paphiopedilum Gwen Hannen × Paphiopedilum Mrs. Carl Holmes
  5. Paphiopedilum Bordube=Paphiopedilum Florence Spencer × Paphiopedilum Viridissimum
  6. Paphiopedilum Symphony=Paphiopedilum Golden Wren × Paphiopedilum Gwen Hannen
  7. Paphiopedilum Astarte=Paphiopedilum Psyche × Paphiopedilum insigne

Further Generations


Paphiopedilum Phantasy, Paphiopedilum Gwen Hannen, Paphiopedilum Hypericum, Paphiopedilum Robin, Paphiopedilum Gwen Hannen, Paphiopedilum Mrs. Carl Holmes, Paphiopedilum Florence Spencer, Paphiopedilum Golden Wren, Paphiopedilum Gwen Hannen

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