Orchis mascula

Orchis mascula

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Orchidoideae
Tribe: Orchideae
SubTribe: Orchidinae
Genus: Orchis
Species: O. mascula
Binomial name
Orchis mascula

Orchis mascula is a plant of the family Orchidaceae that is found in Europe.


Plant is found growing in Faeroe Islands, Ireland, Great Britain,. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Spain, the Balearic Islands, France, Sardinia, Sicily, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania, eastern Aegean Islands, Greece, Turkey Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, leabanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran


Plant blooms in the spring with six to twenty 2.5 cm wide flowers.


Plants prefer well-drained low-fertility soils and areas with partial shade. This species is cool to intermediate growing. Water regularly. Divide plant when flower fades.


Common name:The Male Orchis


  1. × Orchidactyla kromayeri (M.Schulze) Borsos & Soó 1966
  2. × Orchidactyla pentecostalis (Wettst. & Sennholz) Borsos & Soó 1966
  3. × Orchidactyla speciosissima (Wettst. & Sennholz) Borsos & Soó 1966
  4. Orchis brevicornis var. fallax De Not. 1844
  5. Orchis cochleata Fleischm. & M.Schulze 1902
  6. Orchis compressiflora Stokes 1812
  7. Orchis fallax (De Not.) Willk. in M.Willkomm & J.M.C.Lange 1861
  8. Orchis glaucophylla A. Kern 1864
  9. Orchis kromayeri M.Schulze 1904
  10. Orchis mascula f. longifolia Landwehr 1977
  11. Orchis mascula subsp. occidentalis O.Schwarz 1949
  12. Orchis mascula subsp. signifera (Vest) Soó 1927
  13. Orchis mascula subsp. speciosa (Mutel) Hegi 1909
  14. Orchis mascula subsp. tenera (Landwehr) Del Prete 1999
  15. Orchis mascula subsp. wanjkovii (E.Wulff) Soó 1932
  16. Orchis mascula var. acutiflora W.D.J.Koch 1837
  17. Orchis mascula var. bicolor Balayer 1986
  18. Orchis mascula var. fallax E.G.Camus 1889
  19. Orchis mascula var. hostii Patze, E.H.F.Mey. & Elkan 1848
  20. Orchis mascula var. maritzii J.A.Guim. 1887
  21. Orchis mascula var. monsignatica Font Quer 1928
  22. Orchis mascula var. obtusiflora W.D.J.Koch 1837
  23. Orchis mascula var. speciosa Mutel 1836
  24. Orchis mascula var. tenera Landwehr 1977
  25. Orchis monsignatica (Font Quer) Rivas Goday 1941
  26. Orchis morio f. mascula Linne 1753
  27. Orchis morio var. mascula L. 1753
  28. Orchis obtusa Schur 1866
  29. Orchis obtusiflora Schur 1853
  30. Orchis olivetorum Gren. ex Nyman 1882
  31. Orchis ovalis F.W. Schmidt 1791
  32. Orchis parreissii C.Presl 1845
  33. Orchis patens var. fallax (De Not.) Rchb.f. 1851
  34. Orchis pentecostalis Wettst. & Sennhol 1889
  35. Orchis signifera Vest 1824
  36. Orchis speciosa Host 1831
  37. Orchis speciosissima Wettst. & Sennholz 1889
  38. Orchis stabiana Tenore 1833
  39. Orchis tenera (Landwehr) Kreutz 1991
  40. Orchis untchji M.Schulze 1907
  41. Orchis vernalis Salisbury 1796
  42. Orchis wanjkovii E.Wulff 1930
  43. Orchis wilmsii K.Richt. 1890


PDF iconRare White flowered morphs increse the reproductive success of common purple morphs in a food deceptive orchid(Orchis mascula)

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