Orchis × bivonae

Orchis x bivonae

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Orchis anthropophora
Pollen Parent: Orchis italica
Genus: Orchis
Hybrid Epithet: O. bivonae
Binomial name
Orchis × bivonae
Tod. 1840

Orchis × bivonae is a natural Orchis hybrid that can be found around southern Europe.


Plants prefer well-drained low-fertility soils and areas with partial shade. This species is cool to intermediate growing. Water regularly. Divide plant when flower fades.


  1. Orchis longicruris subsp. bivonae (Tod.) Nyman, 1882.
  2. × Orchiaceras bivonae (Tod.) Soó, 1931.
  3. Orchis × henriquesea J.A.Guim.,1887.
  4. × Orchiaceras henriquesea (J.A.Guim.) E.G.Camus, 1908.
  5. × Orchiaceras welwitschii (Rchb.f.) E.G.Camus, 1908.
  6. Orchis × todaroi Lojac., 1909.
  7. × Orchiaceras bivonae nothovar. welwitschii (Rchb.f.) P.Silva, 1972 publ. 1973.
  8. × Orchiaceras bivonae nothovar. henriquesea (J.A.Guim.) Malato-Beliz, 1984.

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