Odontorettia Mandarin

Odontorettia Mandarin
Odontorettia Mandarin

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Rhynchostele bictoniensis
Pollen Parent: Comparettia speciosa
Genus: Odontorettia
Hybrid Epithet: Mandarin
Binomial name
Odontorettia Mandarin
B. Holm
B. Holm 1975

Odontorettia is a Comparettia and Rhynchostele hybrid


Odontorettia Mandarin is a diminutive hybrid with beautiful orange flowers. It resembles more the Comparettia parent in growth and flower size and shape. However, spikes are more upright and bear more flowers than the Comparettia part.


Keep in partial shade. Keep plant intermediate to warm, and keep medium moist all time, but avoid soaked medium. Plants can be mounted, or potted in medium fir bark in small plastic pots. Plant can be grown indoors, and blooms around autumn and winter.

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