Odontoglossum Ardentissimum

Odm. Ardentissimum

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Odontoglossum crispum
Pollen Parent: Odontoglossum nobile
Genus: Odontoglossum
Hybrid Epithet: Odm. Ardentissimum
Binomial name
Odontoglossum Ardentissimum
Rothschild 1898

Odontoglossum Ardentissimum is a primary Odontoglossum hybrid


Keep in partial to full shade. Keep plant cool to intermediate. Keep plant medium moist with small drying periods (water about once a week). Reduce watering in the winter (water about once in 10 days). Plant can be potted in medium fir bark. Plant blooms around winter. Plant can be grown indoors