Odontoglossum Antinous

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Odontoglossum Excellens
Pollen Parent: Odontoglossum Othello
Genus: Odontoglossum
Hybrid Epithet: Antinous
Binomial name
Odontoglossum Antinous
C. 1919

Odontoglossum Antinous is a Odontoglossum hybrid


Keep in partial to full shade. Keep plant cool to intermediate. Keep plant medium moist with small drying periods (water about once a week). Reduce watering in the winter (water about once in 10 days). Plant can be potted in medium fir bark. Plant blooms around winter. Plant can be grown indoors


Generation 1

  1. Odontoglossum Othello × Odontoglossum Excellens

Generation 2

  1. Odontoglossum Othello = Odontoglossum Adrianae × Odontoglossum harryanum
  2. Odontoglossum Excellens =Odontoglossum nobile × Odontoglossum spectatissimum

Generation 3:

  1. Odontoglossum Adrianae = Odontoglossum luteopurpureum × Odontoglossum nobile

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