Lycaste Sweet Dreams

Lycaste Sweet Dreams y

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Lycaste Veronica Springs
Pollen Parent: Lycaste Hardie
Genus: Lycaste
Hybrid Epithet: Lyc. Sweet Dreams
Binomial name
Lycaste Sweet Dreams
Orchids Royale
Orchids Royale Apr 22, 2008

Lycaste Sweet Dreams is a hybrid from the genus Lycaste.


Grow in diffused bright light and keep in cool to warm temperatures. Keep humidity from 40 to 70%. Water regularly during growing season. The potting media should be a little moist in between waterings. To prevent rot, avoid water from touching leaves. Reduce watering during the winter. Pot plants in 75% fine bark and 25% perlite or in full sphagnum moss.


Lycaste Sweet Dreams Lycaste Sweet Dreams Sepals and petals are pink. Lip is white.
Lycaste Sweet Dreams2 Lycaste Sweet Dreams Sepals and petals are pink. Lip is yellow.


Generation 1

  1. Lycaste Veronica Springs × Lycaste Hardie

Generation 2

  1. Lycaste Veronica Springs =Lycaste Koolena × Lycaste Loftus
  2. Lycaste Hardie= Lycaste Koolena × Lycaste Promises

Generation 3

  1. Lycaste Koolena =Lycaste Auburn × Lycaste skinneri
  2. Lycaste Loftus = Lycaste Leo × Lycaste skinneri
  3. Lycaste Promises=Lycaste Auburn × Lycaste Imschootiana

Generation 4

  1. Lycaste Auburn =Lycaste Balliae × Lycaste Sunrise
  2. Lycaste Leo = Lycaste Balliae × Lycaste macrobulbon
  3. Lycaste Imschootiana =Lycaste cruenta × Lycaste skinneri

Generation 5

  1. Lycaste Balliae =Lycaste macrophylla × Lycaste skinneri
  2. Lycaste Sunrise =Lycaste Imschootiana × Lycaste skinneri

Further Generations

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