Ipsea- Daffodil Orchid copy

Ipsea speciosa

The Daffodil Orchid (Sinhala: නගා මැරූ අල, scientific name: Ipsea speciosa)[1] is a rare endemicwild orchid found in the mid hills of Sri Lanka. It is a terrestial herb with pseudobulbous stem. The lanceolate leaves of the plant are grass like and pointed at the end. Its large flowers appear from September to February, they are bright yellow and sweet-scented.

This plant can be seen in grass lands and pathana areas in mid hills of the country. The plant is known as නගා මැරූ අල in the Sinhala language, meaning "Yam who killed his little sister" according to a folk tale.

Like the Glory Lily, the Daffodil Orchid is used as an ingredient in making love charm portions and aphrodisiacs in local medicine.

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