Grammatophyllum measuresianum

Grammatophyllum measuresianum1

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Cymbidieae
SubTribe: Cyrtopodiinae
Genus: Grammatophyllum
Species: Gram. measuresianum
Binomial name
Grammatophyllum measuresianum
Weathers 1889

Grammatophyllum measuresianum is a species in the Grammatophyllum genus.


Plant blooms in the summer with around 80 flowers. Flowers are 5 cm wide and fragrant.


Plant is found growing in the Philippines at elevations below 500 meters.


These plants are usually rare in cultivation due to their spacial requirements. Plants require direct sunlight and intermediate to warm temperatures. Keep in temperatures of 75° to 85°F in the day and 55°-6O°F in the night. Plants can tolerate temperatures up to 100°F and as low as 45°F. Plants need to be heavily fertilized during growing season. Pot in sphagnum moss or medium fir bark. Mix should be well drained. Keep area well ventilated. Water frequently in spring to early fall during growth period, but do not keep mix wet and damp. In the winter reduce watering and water when potting media is dried.


Grammatophyllum measuresianum Grammatophyllum measuresianum variant Flowers are yellow and spotted with brown.


Common Name: Measures' Grammatophyllum


  1. Grammatophyllum grandiflorum Hort. ?

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