Eria ignea plate
Eria ignea plate from Lindenia Iconographie des Orchidées

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Podochilaeae
SubTribe: Eriinae
Genus: Eria
Lindley 1825
Type Species
Eria javaniaca

Eria is a genus of orchids that consists of about 1000 species.


Plants in this genus are distributed in tropical Asia, Malaysia, Australia, Polynesia and other Pacific islands. The plants grow in various habitats from the Himalayan mountains to coastal shorelines.


The flowers of this genera are small to medium size.


Culture varies from species to species because of the wide distribution of this genus. Most species generally can be potted in fir bark with perlite and require dry outs between waterings.


The genus is named after the wooly hairs on many of the flowers in this genus.


  1. Callostylis Blume (1825).
  2. Ceratium Blume (1825), nom. illeg.
  3. Dendrolirium Blume (1825).
  4. Octomeria D.Don (1825), nom. illeg.
  5. Pinalia Buch.-Ham. ex Lindl. (1826).
  6. Cylindrolobus Blume (1828).
  7. Tylostylis Blume (1828), nom. superfl.
  8. Erioxantha Raf. (1832).
  9. Exeria Raf. (1838).
  10. Pierardia Raf. (1838), nom. illeg.
  11. Trichosma Lindl. (1842).
  12. Forbesina Ridl. (1926).
  13. Aeridostachya (Hook.f.) Brieger (1981).
  14. Campanulorchis Brieger in R.Schlechter (1981).
  15. Cymboglossum (J.J.Sm.) Brieger in R.Schlechter (1981)
  16. Gunnarorchis Brieger (1981).
  17. Ascidieria Seidenf. (1984).

Species Edit

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