Cymbidium wilsonii

Cymbidium wilsonii

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Cymbidieae
SubTribe: Cyrtopodiinae
Genus: Cymbidium
Species: Cym. wilsonii
Binomial name
Cymbidium wilsonii
(Rolfe ex De Cock) Rolfe 1904

Cymbidium wilsonii, is a species of Cymbidium which blooms on a pendant inflorescence.


Plant blooms in the winter with five to fifteen 10 cm wide flowers. Flowers are fragrant.[1]

Cymbidium wilsonii was discovered by E.H. Wilson in 1901 in southeastern Yunnan. [1] He sent the plants he found to Veitch who flowered it in 1904 and exhibited it at the RHS as Cymbidium giganteum var. wilsonii based on advice from Rolfe.[1] It was described under the name Cymbidium giganteum var. wilsonii again by Cook in 1904 and was not accepted by the the Orchid Committee, who accepted Cymbidium wilsonii.[1] Rolfe approved the name Cymbidium wilsonii in the Orchid Review of March 1904.[1] It has been place again as a cultivar of Cymbidium iridoides in 1976 due to its lip shape and color.[1] In 1984 Du Puy suspected the species to have originated as a hybrid between Cymbidium iridioides and Cymbidium hookerianum based on scatter plots showing the locations of each species.[1] This was based on Cymbidium wilsonii being at higher elevations than Cymbidium iridioides and lower elevations than Cymbidium hookerianum.[1] Also both Cymbidium iridioides and Cymbidium hookerianum bloom at the different times but hybidization may occur if one species blooms off season.[1]

Cymbidium wilsonii can be differs from Cymbidium iridioides by having green sepals and petal, lacking a long cilia in the center and base of the midlobe.[1] It differs from Cymbidium hookerianum by having smaller flowers, veined red brown and spotted side lobes, and wider leaves.[1]


Plants are found growing on tall trees in the forest of Southern Yunnan, China and Vietnam at elevations around 2400 meters.[1]


Plant should be grown in cool areas with medium to bright light. Plant may also be grown warm, but is more difficult to maintain and flower. Pot with bark and perlite. Plant prefers dry periods between watering. Reduce watering during the winter. Water about once a week.


Common Name: Wilson's Cymbidium


    • Cymbidium giganteum var. wilsonii Rolfe ex De Cock 1904
  1. Cyperorchis wilsonii (Rolfe ex De Cock) Schltr.1924


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