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Cymbidium Sweetheart

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Cymbidium Sweetheart

Cymbidium Sweetheart 'Elegance'
Cymbidium Sweetheart 'Elegance'

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Cymbidium pumilum
Pollen Parent: Cymbidium Alexanderi
Genus: Cymbidium
Hybrid Epithet: Cym Sweetheart
Binomial name
Cymbidium Sweetheart
Arno H.Bowers
Arno H.Bowers 1955

Cymbidium Sweetheart is a cymbidium hybrid that blooms from late winter through summer.


Keep cool. Pot in medium fir bark or soil. Water approximately once a week in summer and about once every ten days in the winter. To avoid sun burns, keep in partial sun and medium shade.


Generation 1

  1. Cymbidium Sweetheart = Cymbidium Alexanderi × Cymbidium pumilum

Generation 2

  1. Cymbidium Alexanderi = Cymbidium Veitchii × Cymbidium insigne

Generation 3

  1. Cymbidium Veitchii = Cymbidium eburneum × Cymbidium lowianum

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