Cymbidium Death Wish

Cymbidium Death Wish

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Cymbidium Disney Girl
Pollen Parent: Cymbidium Pywacket
Genus: Cymbidium
Hybrid Epithet: Cym Death Wish
Binomial name
Cymbidium Death Wish
Royale Orch.
Royale Orch. Aug. 9, 2001

Cymbidium Death Wish is a cymbidium hybrid that blooms from late winter through summer.


Keep cool. Pot in medium fir bark or soil. Water approximately once a week in summer and about once every ten days in the winter. To avoid sun burns, keep in partial sun and medium shade.


Cymbidium Death Wish 'Peats Ridge' Cymbidium Death Wish 'Peats Ridge' Flowers are yellow with red spots with a red lip


Generation 1

  1. Cymbidium Pywacket × Cymbidium Disney Girl

Generation 2

  1. Cymbidium Pywacket = Cymbidium Tethys × Cymbidium tracyanum
  2. Cymbidium Disney Girl = Cymbidium Robin × Cymbidium tracyanum

Generation 3

  1. Cymbidium Tethys = Cymbidium Suva × Cymbidium Khyber Pass
  2. Cymbidium Robin = Cymbidium Khyber Pass × Cymbidium Doris Aurea

Generation 4

  1. Cymbidium Suva = Cymbidium Volcano × Cymbidium Saigon
  2. Cymbidium Khyber Pass =Cymbidium Profita × Cymbidium Carisona
  3. Cymbidium Doris Aurea = Cymbidium Chiron × Cymbidium Lysander

Generation 5

  1. Cymbidium Volcano = Cymbidium Spartan Queen × Cymbidium Doris Aurea
  2. Cymbidium Saigon = Cymbidium Peregrine × Cymbidium Carisona
  3. Cymbidium Profita= Cymbidium Profusion × Cymbidium Rio Rita
  4. Cymbidium Carisona= Cymbidium Carisbrook × Cymbidium Cremona
  5. Cymbidium Lysander =Cymbidium Lady Colman × Cymbidium President Wilson
  6. Cymbidium Chiron = Cymbidium Bustard × Cymbidium President Wilson

Further Generations

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