Cymbidium Cali Night

Cymbidium Cali Night

Hybrid Classification
Seed Parent: Cymbidium Black Forest
Pollen Parent: Cymbidium devonianum
Genus: Cymbidium
Hybrid Epithet: Cym Cali Night
Binomial name
Cymbidium Cali Night
New Horizon Orch. Dec 29, 2002

Cymbidium Cali Night is a cymbidium hybrid that blooms from Mid-winter through summer.the Flowers are also pendant.


Keep cool. Pot in medium fir bark or soil. Water approximately once a week in summer and about once every ten days in the winter. To avoid sun burns, keep in partial sun and partial shade.


Generation 1

  1. Cymbidium Black Forest × Cymbidium devonianum

Generation 2

  1. Cymbidium Black Forest = Cymbidium Gordon Gibbs × Cymbidium Tethys

Generation 3

  1. Cymbidium Tethys = Cymbidium Suva × Cymbidium Khyber Pass
  2. Cymbidium Gordon Gibb = Cymbidium Cabernet × Cymbidium aloifolium

Generation 4

  1. Cymbidium Suva = Cymbidium Volcano × Cymbidium Saigon
  2. Cymbidium Khyber Pass =Cymbidium Profita × Cymbidium Carisona
  3. Cymbidium Cabernet = Cymbidium Promona × Cymbidium Carisona

Generation 5

  1. Cymbidium Volcano = Cymbidium Spartan Queen × Cymbidium Doris Aurea
  2. Cymbidium Saigon = Cymbidium Peregrine × Cymbidium Carisona
  3. Cymbidium Profita= Cymbidium Profusion × Cymbidium Rio Rita
  4. Cymbidium Carisona= Cymbidium Carisbrook × Cymbidium Cremona
  5. Cymbidium Promona = Cymbidium Profusion × Cymbidium Cremona

Further Generations