• JohnStewart1


    November 7, 2012 by JohnStewart1

    flowers delivery in serbia

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  • Glfrost Exotic orchids are a prime example of Mother Nature at her best! An exciting gardening event will be taking place the weekend of March 22nd & 23rd here in Austin, TX. The Heart O’ Texas Orchid Society, founded in 1961, is proud to present the 43rd Annual Orchid Show and Sale, “Orchid Rodeo” at the Zilker Botanical Gardens/Austin Area Garden Center. If orchids have always intrigued you, or you simply need somewhere fun and different to take the family on that spring weekend, make plans to attend. Who wouldn’t adore a calming whiff of the tropics, and perhaps some enchanting blooms to place in the kitchen window back at home?

    For those of you who have received an orchid as a gift, but have no idea how to urge it to rebloom,…

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  • Wendy oney

    Orchid disease- help!

    February 10, 2010 by Wendy oney


    I have an amazing phalaenopsis orchid that has flowered with up to 20 blooms at one time. It first developed sticky spots on the leaves and flower petals. Then, little white bits began to show up on the stems of the flowers and on the leaves. I think that if I looked under a microscope, the white bits would be some kind of insect. I washed everything with a water and soap solution, sprayed it with RAID, and bagged it in a plastic bag, as someone had suggested. The sticky spots and white things have returned.

    Any ideas about what this is and what to do?



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